Bolton Wireless Club

Local Amateur Radio in the UK


We are a group of radio enthusiasts, listeners and licensed operators who meet in person and online to learn about, experience and share the many facets of the amateur radio hobby.

Presentation of the BWC HF Trophy to the late Alfred M3RNX by Chairman Glenn G6HFF in 2017

Since 2008, the Club has helped dozens of people progress through their Licence training and put Bolton on the map as a focus of Amateur Radio activity, particularly in the VHF/UHF and microwave bands.

In recent years we've been using Zoom video conferencing to augment our physical meetings. This helped us to keep running during the pandemic and to invite guest speakers from around the world, such as Bob Heil (Heil Sound) and Eric Swartz (Elecraft) to give talks to us.

We're now using Zoom to live-stream our meetings, so that any members who can't attend in person may still participate.

Our visit to Smithills Hall in 2022 for a "radio-activity day", where we were operating on several bands and testing our new home-made antennas for the 3.4GHz (9cm) band. 
This video was filmed and edited by Jack G8HIK.

Join us!

If you're interesting in joining, us, please contact the Club Treasurer.

Our subscription rate for 2024 has been held at £20, which includes access to all our meetings: in-person and online (see the Events page for details).

You may also meet us at some local rallies, such as the NARSA event at Blackpool in April.