Monday night meetings

Our programme of weekly Club Meetings is shown below (but check this site regularly for updates).

The meetings on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month are usually held at our Ladybridge venue, while the others are online or on-air. All meetings start at 7:30pm.

We live-stream some of our Ladybridge meetings via Zoom (in addition to the all-online sessions) - contact us if you're interested in joining in.


26th February  Ladybridge meeting: "Show & Tell", with Mark M0UFC as MC

4th March  On-air net: 2m FM

11th March  Ladybridge meeting: "Of Diodes & Triodes - and why you should never go to Law" with Dave G4JLG

18th March  Online meeting:

25th March  Ladybridge meeting:

1st April   Bank Holiday - Club net

8th April  Ladybridge meeting:

15th April  Online meeting:

22nd April  Ladybridge meeting:

29th April  Online meeting:

6th May   Bank Holiday - Club net

13th May  Ladybridge meeting:

20th May  Online meeting:

27th May   Bank Holiday

3rd June  Club net

10th June  Ladybridge meeting:

17th June  Online meeting:

24th June  Ladybridge meeting:

1st July  Club net

8th July  Ladybridge meeting:

15th July  Online meeting:

22nd July  Ladybridge meeting:

29th July  Online meeting:

Upcoming events

International Museums Weekend at Turton Tower - Saturday 15th June 2024

We'll be running a Special Event Station GB1TT from the lawns outside the Tower.

Past events

Club stand at the NARSA Rally 2023 in Blackpool

Our stand manned by G4WYZ, M0UFC, M6SEC, M7MCQ, G4CFP, M0MHW and G4JLG (plus G4HGI behind the camera!)

Weekend activities at Smithills Hall Museum

Our extensive "antenna farm" in the grounds, from where we operate during the national  Museums On The Air weekend and other "field-day" events.

Previous 2024 meetings

1st January   New Year net on  2m FM  (eight stations participating)

8th January   Ladybridge meeting: "Keeping Track - 60 Years of APRS?" with Ross G6GVI

15th January   Online meeting: "Natter night"

22nd January   Ladybridge meeting: Gala Awards Night ("pasties, peas & prizes") plus AGM & election of new Committee

29th January   Online meeting: "Operating on VHF from a difficult QTH" with Ross G6GVI

5th February  On-air net: 2m "Classic SSB revival" - eleven stations, contributing nearly 300 years of radio heritage!

12th February  Ladybridge meeting: "The Repair Shop, Part 5" with Steve G4AQB, plus 2023 Prize presentations

19th February  Online meeting: including "Sources of RF interference" (from RSGB 2023 Convention)

2023 meetings

2nd January   2m FM net (eleven stations participating)

9th January   Ladybridge meeting: "Top Band to 9cm using three rigs" with Richard G4HGI

16th January   Online meeting (host  M0IUO)

23rd January   Ladybridge meeting: Gala Awards Night ("pasties, peas & prizes") plus AGM & election of new Committee

30th January   Online meeting: Introducing the Smith Chart, with a simple L-match example, with Ross G6GVI

6th February   2m FM net (fourteen stations participating)

13th February   Ladybridge meeting: "The Repair Shop, Part 4" with Steve G4AQB

20th February   Online meeting: "Behind the microphone" - another audio special from Mark M0UFC

27th February   Ladybridge meeting: "Show & Tell": M0KSE on 3D printing, G4HGI on the halo antenna and G6GVI on 40m NVIS operation.

6th March   2m FM net (fifteen stations participating)

13th March   Ladybridge meeting: "IC-7300: My experience with it" with Evan Duffield M0TJU

20th March   Online meeting hosted by Mark M0UFC. "Portable Antennas. What's your favourite holiday choice?"

27th March   Ladybridge meeting: "Thinking Outside the Black Box" - operating home-built or modified equipment on the Amateur bands, with Ross G6GVI

3rd April   2m FM net (thirteen stations participating)

10th April   2m SSB net (six stations participating)

17th April   Online meeting hosted by Mark M0UFC "Hints and tips for constructors and restorers"

24th April   Ladybridge meeting: EGM (to discuss changes to our Constitution), plus component sale and members' table-top bring and buy.

1st May   2m FM net (fourteen stations participating)

8th May   70cm FM net (fifteen stations participating)

15th May   Online meeting:  review of recent activities and plans for the coming weeks

22nd May   Ladybridge meeting: "N1MM Logger Workshop" with Chris G4HYG

29th May   2m SSB net (ten stations participating)

5th June   2m FM net (eleven stations participating)

12th June   Ladybridge meeting: "Show & Tell" : G4WYZ's PoKit oscilloscope, M7MCQ's portable HF stations, M7RFS's digital microscope and G8HIK on Zello

19th June   Online meeting: Preparations for GB2SHM at Smithills Hall Museum

26th June   Ladybridge meeting: "NanoVNA Workshop" - measuring antennas, cables, filters & components, with Ross G6GVI and Dave G4JLG

3rd July   2m FM net (fourteen stations participating)

10th July   Ladybridge meeting: "3D Printing of Ham Radio Accessories" with Stephen M0KSE

17th July   Online meeting: "Ham Radio Exhibition Friedrichshafen 2023" with Richard G4HGI

24th July   Ladybridge meeting: "Workshop techniques - soldering & rework" (video plus practical tips)

31st July   Online meeting: Workshop on packet radio and APRS

7th August  2m FM net (seven stations participating)

14th August   Ladybridge meeting: "Pies, Peas & Proposals" - responses to the OfCom consultation (with refreshments!)

21st August   Online meeting: "Operating with digital modes" with Ian G0VGS (live from Morecambe) 

28th August   70cm FM net (eleven stations participating)

4th September   2m FM net  (ten stations participating)

11th September   Ladybridge meeting: "Getting on the air with Morse Code" with Lynda G6QA

18th September   Online meeting: "Operating practices - hints & tips, dos & don'ts" (open forum)

25th September   Ladybridge meeting: "Testing, testing, testing" a novel workshop session, featuring NanoVNAs, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, generators, DC power, battery and component testers, RF and DC calibration, etc. (Not available via Zoom)

2nd October   2m FM net (nine stations participating)

9th October   Ladybridge meeting: "Ask the RSGB" with Martyn Bell M0TEB Regional Representative for Region 3

16th October   Online meeting:  "News from the RSGB Convention"  - some of our members were there over the weekend.

23rd October   Ladybridge meeting:  "Passive Intermodulation (how good are my connectors?)" with David G4MVU

30th October   Online meeting: Joe Spencer KK5NA introducing the CW Academy and demonstrating a few of his enormous collection of Morse keys. 

6th November   2m FM net (nine stations participating)

13th November   Ladybridge meeting:  "Show & Tell" hosted by Mark M0UFC

13th November   Ladybridge meeting:  "Show & Tell": G4AQB on the "CQ2" receiver, G6GVI on 70cm preamp restoration, M0UFC on renovating old test equipment and G4HGI on solar activity.

20th November   Online meeting: "VHF DX via meteor reflections", with Richard G4HGI

27th November   Ladybridge meeting: Alan G4FZP (from Bury RS) with "Down to Earth (earthing in the ham shack) "

4th December   2m FM net (ten stations participating)

11th December   Ladybridge meeting: "QRP Combo: Xeigu X6100 + Alex Loop" (detailing the use of the QRP transceiver with a small loop antenna) with Evan M0TJU

18th December   Online meeting: "Open forum - feedback on this year's activities and ideas for 2024".

2022 meetings

31st January   Online talk: "Crystals - understanding and using them in circuits" with Gerry N9XR

14th February   Online talk: "The Repair Shop, Part 3" with Steve G4AQB

11th April   Ladybridge meeting: "Nice to see you, after 2 years!"

9th May   Ladybridge social: Table Top Sale & Pasty and Peas Night

13th June   Ladybridge meeting: "The G4JLG/P Microwave Contest Station" and "BWC activity on 3.4 GHz" with G4JLG, G4AQB, G4HGI, M0UFC and G6GVI

11th July   Visit to Nuclear Bunker hosted by Mike G4WYZ

8th August   Ladybridge social: Barbecue

22nd August   Ladybridge meeting: "Calculators Through The Ages" with James GM4WZP

12th September   Ladybridge meeting: "Polar Exploration from the back garden" - a homebrew antenna-testing range, with Ross G6GVI

26th September   Ladybridge meeting: BWC Club Discussion with pasties, peas and free junk

10th October   Ladybridge meeting: Audio Special with Mark M0UFC

17th October   Zoom Net: "Using Antenna Analysers" (video)

24th October   Ladybridge meeting: "HF NVIS" with Chris G4HYG

31st October   Zoom Net: Committee Meeting Run-down & Members' Forum.

7th November   Zoom Net: "The Holme Moss transmitter" (video) & "Using deciBels"

14th November   Ladybridge meeting: "Show & Tell" - members tell us briefly about something new. Hosted by Mark M0UFC

21st November   Zoom Net: Remembering Alfred M3RNX & "C-band LNB experiments"

28th November   Ladybridge meeting: "30 Years on Four Metres" with Ross G6GVI

5th December   2m FM net (fifteen stations participating)

12th December   Ladybridge meeting: "Solar Cycle 25: what it has in store for us" with Evan Duffield M0TJU

19th December   Zoom net: "Construction & testing of a CAT interface" (video)